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 And one of the hardest things for pet  [Гости не могут просматривать ссылки]
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Brain Training For Dogs Review
  parents to face is the fact that no matter how much we love our dogs, no matter how responsibly we care for them, nor how many nicknames we use as terms of endearment, underneath it all a dog is an animal, and like all animals, they have the propensity for aggression. With that said, as a person who loves dogs and greatly appreciates the many benefits of the canine/human bond it can be hard to face the fact that each year over 4 million dog bites occur in the Unites States. Of these, one in five requires medical attention. It is most often someone in a dog's immediate family who is the victim of a dog bite and likely a child.

 The possibility that a beloved canine family member might inflict harm to a person (especially someone in their own family) is a hard thing for people to face. However, dog bites are largely a preventable problem. May 16th-22nd is National Dog Bite Prevention Week which is a time to draw attention to this issue and raise awareness of ways to better observe and understand dog behavior, to implement careful management and supervision, and to work together as a dog community to decrease these incidents.Dog bites occur for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that aggression is a normal part of animal behavior, and while aggression is a complex subject, there are some fairly simple steps people can take to prevent a dog bite.

 Plan on early intervention with young animals to best prepare them for life with people. This includes early and ongoing socialization, gentling and handling exercises and habituation to a variety of experiences that might otherwise be overwhelming for a dog. Gradual exposure to the world of people, management to provide the most positive encounters possible, joining a puppy training class, attending puppy play groups, and maintaining good socialization skills and a dog with a cooperative attitude by attending refresher training classes throughout the years should all be part of a pet parenting plan.

Make an honest assessment of your dog's temperament and threshold for tolerance of particular people, places and things. Be careful not to inadvertently place your dog in a situation where they may not be able to handle experiences. A dogs tendency to respond aggressively will vary due to genetics, experiences and training. Many bites are the result of a dog who is in a state of fear as a result of being put in a situation where they feel stressed or threatened. When the ability to flee is blocked, an aggressive display (which might include biting) may be what the dog considers the only alternative. A dog may perceive any number of human behaviors as potentially challenging and react with a hard stare, stiffening of the body, growl or bark.

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