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Amazin Brain
You cannot make up for hours of neglected sleep because you can't get enough sleep. So take care of your regular sleep - this will help you avoid a headache Amazin Brain keep you feeling good. Cause of headache: Head injuries It is not true that the brain is a strong Amazin Brain hard structure. Such a misconception may arise because the brains visible on television or in laboratories are fixed with formaldehyde. In fact, the brain resembles the consistency of something between egg white Amazin Brain gel candy . Amazin Brain it is this very soft brain that is enclosed in a hard skull, which inside has many bone combs, often sharp as a knife. Trauma that causes a concussion that is soft as a gel candy brain can cause serious damage to this organ. In the event of a blow to the head, the brain has nowhere to go back, so it hits the wall of the skull, Amazin Brain the knife-sharp combs cut delicate blood vessels. This can lead to severe complications, the first signal of which is headache. Therefore, every time you play sports, remember to protect your head with a properly selected helmet so as to minimize the risk of brain damage. Cause of headache: Excessive stress Too high a level of cortisol in the blood, which is secreted from the adrenal glands under stress, can lead to problems such as: reduced body immunity, dysregulation of blood sugar levels, hypertension above all, it can cause severe headaches. However, this is not all. Excess cortisol can damage your brain Amazin Brain block the formation of new connections in the hippocampus - a brain structure that, among other things, participates in the regulation of stress.

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